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17 people advisors should watch this year
Advisors coming off a tumultuous 2016 shouldn't expect a respite this year.

Events set to unfold in 2017 will remake the business, and match the pivotal moments of this year, which included the unveiling of the fiduciary rule, key M&A deals, robo advisor launches, Brexit and a stunning election result.

Looking ahead, advisors should expect the regulatory environment to shift yet again. President-elect Trump will select three new SEC commissioners, and his choice for Secretary of Labor — Andrew Puzder — may well scale back the fiduciary rule. Should he follow through, then a new fight will unfold to determine what replaces the regulation.

But even as regulatory battles unfold, new and existing technologies will continue to remake the industry at a rapid pace. Several major firms have plans to roll out robo advisors next year. A new arms race in wealth management technology is taking off.

Advisors can prepare themselves by checking out our cheat sheet of key industry players to watch in the coming year.