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Showing clients you appreciate them
The holidays are a great time to show the people in your life you care. After another year of working closely with clients, it's an opportune time for advisors to send them a little something to show them how much they're appreciated. Yet finding the right gift can be a tricky endeavor.

Fond recollections of the perfect present can linger for years ― but so too can memories of awful gifts that leave the wrong kind of lasting impression. No one wants to be remembered as the financial planner who gives ugly Christmas sweaters, right?

To foster creative gift giving, we've collected some of advisors best ideas.

From homemade baked goods to beautiful flowers that can last long after the Christmas decorations come down, these financial planners have put together thoughtful gifts to send holiday cheer to clients. Some are so popular that clients have learned to expect them once the carolers start singing.

Scroll through to steal some great gift ideas from advisors.