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Top 100 bank advisors (1-25)
The annual top bank advisers ranking has become a testament to all-around achievement. To compile the list, multiple variables are combined into one composite score. Specifically, those metrics are: AUM, production, percentage growth in both AUM and production, fee business and the ratio of production-to-AUM. This approach of using multiple categories illustrates the real winners of the channel. (The AUM figures are as of the end of September; and the trailing-12 production figures are for the 12-month period ending in September.)

The highest-ranking advisers aren’t necessarily those who hit it out of the park in one or two categories and fared poorly in the others. Instead, the winners inevitably are those who do well across the board even if they aren’t the absolute best in a specific area.

The biggest change this year is the fact that it has been expanded to the top 100, instead of our traditional 50. Then we divided the final ranking into 4 smaller segments for convenience. You can see the top 25 here, but be sure to check out those who ranked 26 through 100 on our other slideshows.