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Top bank advisors by production
We took a new look yet again at this year's top advisors and re-ranked them based solely on their annual production figures. For the original list, this was one of six metrics we used to determine the ranking. The other five were: assets under management; % change in AUM from previous year; % change in production; amount of fee-based business; and ratio of production-per-AUM.

Since the initial list, we have broken out some of the individual stats for fresh looks of our top advisors. You can see rankings based solely on assets under management, as well as fee-based business and tenure in the industry.

Scroll through to now see those bank advisors with the highest annual production. The numbers after their names indicate where they ranked on the original Top 100.

Original Top 100 ranking:
Top 100 bank advisors (1-25)
Top 100 bank advisors (26-50)
Top 100 bank advisors (51-75)
Top 100 bank advisors (76-100)

Lee Conrad