Next week we’ll be voting in the biggest election of our lives and a lot rides on the outcome.

As Americans living in a democracy, we get to choose which path we take our country as we move forward. Many will vote without having any real understanding of the facts, issues, economics, world affairs, the Constitution, free market or capitalism. They will vote in a similar fashion to rooting for their favorite football team. They will vote for the Democrat or Republican because that is the team their family has always rooted for. But this is not a football game. Unlike the outcome of a football game, this game will have a very significant and direct impact on our lives.

When I was growing up, my father was the Chairman of the Economic Matters Committee in the Maryland House of Delegates. He was a democrat, but would be considered a “Blue Dog Democrat.” So I grew up knowing that my team was the Democratic Party. And when I was young, I did not know the issues or facts. But when I entered college, I started following politics and studied economics, finance and psychology with great enthusiasm.

By the time I went to college, I had already owned two small businesses. I was not there to just take a bunch of courses and get a degree, but rather truly learn. It was during this period that I realized I was neither a Democrat nor a Republican, but rather an American who believed in free market capitalism.

I believe that the wealth management community understands free market capitalism better than most Americans. This industry is made up of individuals that know you can do anything you set your mind to with hard work and determination. Most understand that we don’t all start at the same starting line, but we can all end up at the same finish line. This industry knows that nothing starts until somebody gets up off the couch, works hard, takes risk, becomes innovative and ultimately employs others. To get the highest standard of living for all, you must dangle the carrot of capitalism. No matter what a society does, there will always be between 10% to 20% of the population that will decide to stay on the couch.

Consider this irony: All wealth management firms have generally the same commission structure. That is, the small producers get to keep less and the bigger producers keep more. These firms do this because they know you must dangle the carrot to get better results, and it works. Yet, this is the opposite of our tax structure. Our country with President Obama has decided to focus more on those on the couch than those that create jobs. We are at a point in history where it is ok to get on national television and insult those with success.

We must get back to focusing on the carrot of capitalism. We must all once again admire and respect those who get off the couch. We should do whatever we can to encourage more individuals to start businesses and take risk.

Mitt Romney has had a track record of success. He has spent most of his life as a businessman creating jobs. He has firsthand experience in free market capitalism. He has been a very successful Governor in a very democratic state. If anything, he is not conservative enough. Mitt is a little right of center, which should make him attractive to all.

Do you want a President who embraces the things that have created the richest most powerful country in the world or do you want a President who focuses on those that choose to stay on the couch. If you were going to start a business, would you rather have Mitt Romney or Barack Obama as your business partner?

Rick Rummage is the founder and CEO of the Rummage Group. He can be reached at or (703) 435-2822 or

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