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10 U.S. Equity Mutual Fund Bargains
Many investors often look at funds' past performance to make their fund selections, but a better, more dependable gauge of future performance are expense ratios, says Russell Kinnel, director of mutual fund research at Morningstar.

Indeed, expense ratios would have helped investors make better decisions in all asset classes in 2008, 2009 and 2010, Russel contends. "Expenses are just so dependable that it makes sense to make them an initial screen in your process," he writes on

With that in mind, Bank Investment Consultant and sister publications On Wall Street and Financial Planning searched for good mutual fund bargains. Here are 10 Morningstar gold- and silver-rated, five-star, no-load, U.S. equity mutual funds with expense ratios less than .50% that you might want to keep in mind for your clients. All values are as of 10/28/14.

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—Margarida Correia