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How much will the DoL rule impact bank investment services revenue this year?

A group of top executives from bank and credit union investment programs weighed in at a Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting roundtable earlier this year to estimate the impact. In a nutshell, it’s not pretty. The average answer was an overall double-digit decline in investment services revenue.

Kehrer Bielan offered an interactive calculator that includes 18 variables to help banks determine how prepared they are and how big an impact they can expect. That enabled the executives to estimate the effects of the rule, including the product mix they sell and the percentage of their adviser force that may quit.

President Trump could upend the entire issue, or at least postpone it, of course. But if that doesn’t happen and the rule is implemented in April as planned, it could exact a heavy toll on banks. Scroll through to see the details. All data is from Kehrer Bielan.