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Best Mutual Funds: Inside Look at Lipper Award Winners
Eight prominent mutual fund companies were named as winners of the 2015 Lipper U.S. Fund Awards. The awards are based on performance in various categories.

Here are the winning fund families in the group awards, with select winning funds from each company and performance data for the past three years, five years and 10 years. – Lee Conrad

All data is from Lipper for the calendar year ending 12/31/2014. Click through to see the winners or click here to see a single-page version.
TIAA-CREF <br>Best Fund Group, Overall - Large
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Equity Fund, TISCX
3Y: 19.43%
5Y: 14.57%
10Y: 7.79%

TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Value Index Fund, TILVX
3Y: 20.73%
5Y: 15.3%
10Y: 7.22%

TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth Index, TILIX
3Y: 20.16%
5Y: 15.71%
10Y: 8.39%
MassMutual Retirement Services <br>Best Fund Group, Overall - Small
MassMutual Select Small Cap Growth Equity Fund, MSGSX
3Y: 21.12%
5Y: 15.64%
10Y: 8.83%

MassMutual Select Small Company Growth Fund, MSCSX
3Y: 16.69%
5Y: 15.81%
10Y: 6.46%

MassMutual Select Focused Value Fund, MFVSX
3Y: 23.48 %
5Y: 18.01 %
10Y: 10.49%
Oakmark Family of Funds <br>Best Equity Fund Group - Large
Oakmark Fund, OAKMX
3Y: 22.78%
5Y: 16.16%
10Y: 8.78%

Oakmark Global Fund, OAKGX
3Y: 18.65%
5Y: 11.3%
10Y: 8.26%

Oakmark Global Select Fund, OAKWX
3Y: 19.36%
5Y: 12.2%
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management <br>Best Equity Fund Group - Small
Hotchkis & Wiley Small Cap Value Fund, HWSIX
3Y: 26.25%
5Y: 20.71%
10Y: 8.18%

Hotchkis & Wiley Value Opportunities Fund, HWAIX
3Y: 25.22%
5Y: 19.72%
10Y: 9.26%
Lord Abbett <br>Best Fixed-Income Fund Group - Large
Lord Abbett Calibrated Dividend Growth, LAMAX
3Y: 17.28%
5Y: 13.07%
10Y: 7.33%

Lord Abbett Core Fixed Income, LCRYX
3Y: 3.36%
5Y: 4.94%
10Y: 5.19%
Guggenheim Investments <br>Best Fixed-Income Fund Group - Small
Guggenheim Macro Opportunities, GIOIX
3Y: 8.05%

Guggenheim Event Fund, RYDSX
3Y: 5.37%

Rydex Biotechnology Fund, RYOIX
3Y: 41.21%
5Y: 28.24%
10Y: 15.55%
American Funds <br>Best Mixed Assets Group - Large
American Funds Capital World, CWBFX
3Y: 1.95%
5Y: 3.11%
10Y: 3.82%

American Funds Capital Income Builder, CAIBX
3Y: 11.05%
5Y: 8.88%
10Y: 6.23%

American Funds High-Income, AMHIX
3Y: 7.94%
5Y: 7.54%
10Y: 4.77%
Thrivent Asset Management <br>Best Mixed Assets Group - Small
Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Fund, TAAAX
3Y: 14.7%
5Y: 11.0%

Thrivent Balanced Income Plus Fund, AABFX
3Y: 12.6%
5Y: 10.1%
10Y: 6.1%

Thrivent Diversified Income Plus Fund, AAHYX
3Y: 9.2%
5Y: 8.9%
10Y: 5.9%

Thrivent Moderate Allocation Fund, THMAX
3Y: 10.7%
5Y: 8.7%

Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation Fund, TMAAX
3Y: 13.1%
5Y: 10.0%

Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation Fund, TCAAX
3Y: 7.9%
5Y: 6.9%