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It’s tough to draw a bead on the bond market these days. After years of near-zero rates, the Federal Reserve started to raise rates late last year. But in just the past week, the fixed-income market has grown concerned about a mix of political risks, both here and abroad, including a nagging worry that the Trump administration will not be able to push through its ballyhooed growth initiatives.

Through the ups and down, some bond funds have attracted new investor cash in the billions over the past 12 months; some as much as $20 billion.

Scroll through to see the fixed-income funds with the highest inflows for the 12 months ending March 31. They are ranked by their performance in the same time period. In this list, the funds near the top have significantly higher expense ratios, while the bottom of the list is dominated by Vanguard and iShares index funds.

All data is from Morningstar.