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The 20 largest cash outflows from mutual funds and ETFs this year to-date topped $55 billion. Certainly not enough to offset the $94 billion in inflows we reported last week, but it was the mirror opposite in one significant way. Active management accounted for 17 of the largest outflows, while passive management took in the lion’s share of inflows last week.

That dynamic could be seen in the expense data as well. The average on this week’s list was 70 basis points. That‘s not so high compared to historical norms, perhaps, but it's much more expensive than last week’s average of 8 basis points.

ETF flows give no whiff of bear market
Biggest fund flows year-to-date

And to give the same context we offered for inflows: The $55 billion in outflows, if channeled into one revenue stream, would be enough to rank 53rd on the recently released Fortune 500, above Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs based on those firms’ revenue figures last year.

Scroll through to see the latest 20 outflows year to date. All data from Morningstar.