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The insurance business has been a solid if unspectacular investment lately, essentially matching the S&P 500 step-for-step over the past three and five years.

Among the funds with the highest exposure to the insurance sector, the average one-year gain has been 17.9%, with an average three-year return of 9.52%. In the same periods, the S&P 500, as represented by SPY, has posted gains of 17.9% and 10.1%, respectively.

But in the near future, the property and casualty segment of the sector will be looking at major payouts in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The damage in Florida from Hurricane Irma was predicted to be $58 billion (with an additional $30 billion in the Caribbean), according to Bloomberg, citing statistics from Enki Research. Hurricane Harvey caused $85 billion in damage in the Houston area. Combined, they equal the monetary damage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the costliest hurricane to hit the U.S., with $160 billion in damage, based on inflation-adjusted totals.

For this list, we looked at all mutual funds and ETFs with an exposure to the insurance industry of 20% or higher, and then ranked those funds by their three-year returns. Scroll through to see the top 20.

All data from Morningstar Direct.