Slideshow Most Americans not ready for retirement

  • September 07 2016, 5:00am EDT

Showing improvement, but needs more work

Fidelity Investments' most recent bi-annual retirement savings assessment, which features its "Retirement Preparedness Measure," shows that people are saving more and doing a better job of getting closer to their retirement goals. However, it also shows that a majority (55%) are still at risk of being unprepared to completely cover essential living expenses in retirement, such as housing, health care and food.

Scroll through our slideshow to see a demographic breakdown on retirement preparedness.

Data for this slide comes from Fidelity. Subsequent slides come from financial website

All ages

A full third of Americans have no retirement savings. And almost 3 in 4 have less than $100,000.

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Over 55

Among those investors older than 55, more than 60% are still south of $100,000 in retirement savings. And 28% has saved nothing yet.

Generation X

Roughly 72% of GenX has less than $100,000 in retirement savings. Nearly 30% has saved nothing.


The youngest generation in the workforce, almost 90% of millennials have saved less than $100,000 for retirement. More than 42% has not started to save yet.