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15 recruiting trends to watch next year
The job market was tumultuous for financial planners this year, and now the career plans of thousands of advisors (and the billions of dollars they manage) hang in the balance as 2018 approaches.

To say the least, 2017 was eventful when it comes to recruiting advisors. The Broker Protocol began to unravel, and the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule was partially implemented. Plenty of questions loom over both these issues in 2018.

Meanwhile, a massive acquisition may cement a new leading firm’s headcount atop all others’ next year, while the changes in another part of the industry could also upset the traditional balance of power between regional firms and wirehouses.

For a detailed listing of recent hires, check the latest edition of Advisors on the Move. For a full analysis of recruiting trends to watch in the new year, please click through our slideshow.

Additional reporting by Lee Conrad, Charles Paikert, Ann Marsh and Andrew Welsch