Slideshow Sneak Peek: BIC's Top 50 Bank Advisors

  • November 20 2012, 11:03am EST

Sneak peak: BIC's Top 50 Bank Advisors

Last December, BIC featured 50 of the nation's top advisors in
"BIC’s Top 50 Bank Reps"

In the upcoming December issue, BIC will once again reveal its annual ranking of the Top 50 Bank Advisors. But in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at Nos. 41 – 50.

50. Gavin Burns

Bank: Bremer Bank

Location: St. Paul, Minn.

Over the last nine years, Gavin Burns has cultivated strong relationships with his bank counterparts in Bremer Bank’s Twin Cities market. He makes sure that each banker understands his process and how he works with his clients so that they are comfortable referring their clients to him.

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49. Jennifer Danko

Bank: New York Community Bank

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Jennifer Danko started as a part time teller in 1995 and worked her way up to advisor in five years. Last year, she increased AUM and production by 23%. But she says her biggest strengths are her interpersonal skills and strong customer, illustrated by the fact that her branch partners clamor for more of her time.

48. Wayne Martin

Bank: Ameris Bank

Location: St. Simons Island, Ga.

Wayne Martin focuses on setting reasonable expectations. And he realizes that the future will have a greater impact on a portfolio than the past. With that measured approach, he tries to remove emotion from the investment process by using forward-looking assumptions, resulting in better decision-making.

47. Marc Weiss

Bank: Wells Fargo

Location: Norfolk, Va.

Marc Weiss says that he has limited the number of clients he works with in order to allow for the time needed to offer quality service. It also is his tendency to be selective in who he serves, which, he says should hopefully make him attractive to high-net-worth clients.

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46. Greg Stahl

Bank: SunTrust

Location: Tampa, Fla.

Greg Stahl views his role as being the personal CFO to his clients. He’s able to use the tools and resources of SunTrust to serve existing clients and attract new prospects. He also says he works closely with bank partners as well as centers of influence in the community and to attract new clients.

45. Laura Sodano

Bank: New York Community Bank

Location: Queens, N.Y.

Laura Sodano has been in the same branch for 32 years, beginning as a teller and working her way up to advisor by 1995. She is fluent in Italian and often works with multiple generations of families.

44. Brian Carey

Bank: Wells Fargo

Location: Santa Clara, Calif
For 19 years, Brian Carey has been using a full balance-sheet approach for my clients. He also teams up with Wells Fargo other professionals that specialize in investments, private banking, trust solutions, and insurance. He also benefits from the wealth planning process of the Private Bank to provide a customized solution for his high-net-worth clients.

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43. James Christy

Bank: Northwest Financial

Location: Herndon, Va.

After a first career in the “shadow of the U.S. Capitol,” James Christy has carved out a new niche as an advisor serving mostly U.S. government retirees and near-retirees. His government experience helps him anticipate how issues like tax laws and the debt limit might impact bond markets.

42. Jeffrey Alger

Bank: SunTrust

Location: Brentwood, Tenn

Jeffrey Alger says that every client is different and only by using an extensive discovery process can he uncover their needs, goals and objectives. Then, he says, he sets about to solve their particular needs with the right products and services.

41. Jason Holt

Bank: F&M Bank

Location: Kannapolis, N.C.

Jason Holt says the process he puts in place is key to keeping him on track and following through on the important tasks. He works hard to market himself. And he often finds himself reading research reports to stay on top of industry trends to better serve his clients.