Slideshow The Picture of Success: How To Determine Your Profile

  • November 29 2011, 4:44pm EST

The Picture of Success: How To Determine Your Profile

Most people never do the type of research required to get into the right career in the first place. So we’re here to help with a package of articles to help you determine your own profile.

Are You Happy Or Just Insane?

Your personality type has to match the job’s requirements. But here’s the hard part: those requirements are likely to change over time.

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Look Before You Leap

There are so many career options today that the choices can be overwhelming. And the sources of credible information are few and far between.

Go Mental To Close More Business

Knowing your personality, and your client’s, is a start but it’s not enough. You also need to know the chemistry.

The Differences Between Bank Advisors and Wirehouse Advisors

All FAs inherit assets, some just swagger more than others. When advisors leave a wirehouse, they take most of their books. But there is still plenty left to dole out, and over the years it adds up.

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Creating A Plan For Success

Many advisors are unhappy with how their careers have turned out, and they realize too late that they should have had a plan. But that’s not the only common mistake. Here are six more.