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  • December 21 2012, 2:24pm EST
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BIC Top 10 Stories of 2012

From the Top 50 bank advisors of the year to major acquisitions in the banking space, 2012 has been a roller-coaster ride for the banking industry.

As we look back at some of the major events that shaped the year, several stories generated wide interest among our readers.

Here are Bank Investment Consultant’s Top 10 stories of 2012.

BIC's Top 50 Bank Advisors

Here are this year's best bank-based financial advisors and the secrets to their success.

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Good Times at Community Banks

While it's true that some community banks struggle to remain solvent, others are thriving. Several factors contribute to this industry's optimism.

5 Tips to Help Bank Reps Increase Referrals

Many bank advisors feel they aren’t getting enough referrals from branch employees. What can they do? Here are five tips to get your bank referrals flowing.

7 Steps to Segment Your Book...and Boost Revenue

Want to see your revenue leap within 30 days? Focus on the clients who produce most of your revenue. In our upcoming issue of BIC, you can read consultant Todd Colbeck’s advice on how to segment your book of business to do just that. Meanwhile, here is a high-level overview.

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10 Ways Advisors Can Stand Out in the Crowd

Here are 10 ways advisors can set themselves apart in a crowded market.

Death of the Salesmen: Ending the Banking-Advisory Culture Clash

To bridge the gap between traditional retail service staff in the bank branches and the investment advisors, there needs to be a genuine all-for-one mentality.

The Top 20 Program Managers

While we spend most of our efforts the rest of the year covering advisors in the bank channel, we set aside one issue to devote to the bosses: the program managers.

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Missed Opportunities Abound in the Bank Channel

By 2014, U.S. retail banks should see revenue from their wealth management units hit more than $80 billion, according to consulting firm Booz & Co. Unfortunately, banks haven't exploited this opportunity too well.

Golden Years? Maybe Not, But Hope Isn't Lost for the Mass Affluent

We all know the stats — 10,000 people a day will retire for the next 20 years. And guess what? Most of them aren't rich. Many fall into the "mass-affluent" category, which means they have some money, but they can't afford to make any mistakes. And many of them have very little time left. What can you do?

Banks to Mass Affluent: Wanna Dance?

The ranks of the mass affluent are much bigger in number and in greater need of financial guidance than high-net-worth investors.