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49. Gihan Fernando
Bank: Bank of Texas
TPM: BOK Financial
Location: Bellaire, Texas
2017 AUM: $133 million
2016 AUM: $120 million
2017 Production: $1.6 million
2016 Production: $1.4 million
Years in industry: 23

Even after 23 years in the industry, Gihan Fernando says he is constantly adapting his practice to meet the needs of his clients. Gihan has seen a significant increase in production year over year at a time when many in the industry have experienced headwinds. He has developed a practice that provides repeat business, and many new referrals from satisfied clients who have been with him for over a decade. These long-term relationships and outside prospecting complement the business he is able to generate from the bank, and has made him a million dollar producer for four consecutive years.