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  • March 25 2013, 1:18am EDT
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Top 20 Bank Advisors by Fee-Based Business

Here we present a new look at our Top 50 Bank Advisors list, reshuffled and ranked by fee-based business (and then we cut it down to just the top 20). The main list in December used a composite score using multiple variables. Since then, we’ve been breaking out some of those variables and re-ranking the list on those individual criteria. Beside each name listed here, we also show where they ranked on the main top-50 list. And in case you missed it, here’s the original list.

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20. Paul Stetter Jr. (14)

Fulton Bank/Raymond James

Lancaster, Pa.

Fee-based business: 54%

Paul Stetter’s investment consulting process includes four steps: determining financial objectives, developing a plan, implementation and tracking performance. Through these steps, he aims to help clients protect their investments from taxes and inflation and help them achieve short- and long-term goals.

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19. Greg Stahl (46)


Tampa, Fla.

Fee-based business: 55%

Greg Stahl views his role as being the personal CFO to his clients. He’s able to use the tools and resources of SunTrust to serve existing clients and attract new prospects. He also says he works closely with bank partners as well as centers of influence in the community and to attract new clients.

18. Greg Malin (31)

Fulton Bank/Raymond James

Lancaster, Pa.

Fee-based business: 62%

Greg Malin has grown his business by pursuing every distribution channel available in the bank. He has integrated his practice with the bank's business and commercial lines as well as with wealth management.

17. Wayne Rogers (9)

Wells Fargo/none

Midland, Texas

Fee-based business: 65%

Wayne Rogers ensures that every client has an objectives-based investment plan. His team takes a full balance sheet approach to address investment, lending and banking needs. They also help clients with real estate, personal business and oil & gas assets. He says they enjoyed enough success to raise minimums to $1 million in assets.

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16. Randall Krenzin (3)

Wells Fargo/none

San Jose, Calif

Fee-based business: 70%

Randy Krenzin may work in high-tech’s living room, but when it comes to his clients, he believes nothing is more important than being face to face. Based in San Jose, Calif, the senior financial consultant with Wells Fargo devotes much of his time to listening to investors — and not just what they say out loud, but what he can infer as well. And that connection isn’t one Krenzin feels is best handled through digital bits and bytes.

15. Marc Weiss (47)

Wells Fargo/none

Norfolk, Va.

Fee-based business: 75%

Marc Weiss says that he has limited the number of clients he works with in order to allow for the time needed to offer quality service. It also is his tendency to be selective in who he serves, which, he says should hopefully make him attractive to high-net-worth clients.

14. William Oliver (18)

Wells Fargo/none

Charlotte, N.C.

Fee-based business: 76%

William Oliver’s team tries to understand what each client wants to achieve. Then they construct a customized plan to help clients understand exactly where they stand in relation to those goals. Simply pitching investments without understanding the need of the client allows no foundation for a long-term, meaningful relationship, he says.

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13. Brian Carey (44)

Wells Fargo/none

Santa Clara, Calif

Fee-based business: 80%

For 19 years, Brian Carey has been using a full balance-sheet approach for my clients. He also teams up with Wells Fargo other professionals that specialize in investments, private banking, trust solutions, and insurance. He also benefits from the wealth planning process of the Private Bank to provide a customized solution for his high-net-worth clients.

12. James Christy (43)

Northwest Financial/LPL Financial

Herndon, Va.

Fee-based business: 81%

After a first career in the “shadow of the U.S. Capitol,” James Christy has carved out a new niche as an advisor serving mostly U.S. government retirees and near-retirees. His government experience helps him anticipate how issues like tax laws and the debt limit might impact bond markets.

11. Robert Mosera (22)

Wells Fargo/none

Paramus, N.J.

Fee-based business: 82%

Robert Mosera begins by asking clients where they want to be in 5, 10 or 15 years. He discusses the future in terms of estate, financial and investment planning. From there, he works backwards to craft a plan aimed at meeting 75% to 90% of their ideal and acceptable goals.

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10. Russell Cesari (28)

Northwest Financial/LPL

Herndon, Va.

Fee-based business: 84%

Viewing each client relationship as a lifetime partnership, Russell Cesari offers “life planning” to his clients, many of whom are U.S. government retirees and near-retirees who served in the intelligence community. And those existing clients are the source of the majority of his referrals, which he views as a stamp of approval on his services.

9. Greg Seamster (23)

Wells Fargo/none

Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Fee-based business: 85%

Rather than starting with a product or a solution, Greg Seamster starts a client relationship by discussing their financial needs. Then they craft a plan around those needs. He also talks to his bank partners every day about searching for new prospects.

8. Jeff Nuttall (36)

Wells Fargo/none

Denver, Colo.

Fee-based business: 85%

Most of Jeff Nuttall’s clients are successful small business owners or executives who are retiring, or who have recently had a major “liquidity event.” His team maintains less than 75 client relationships, and most new clients come from partners or existing clients.

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7. Jonathan Berstein (32)

Wells Fargo/none

Boca Raton, Fla.

Fee-based business: 87%

Jonathan Berstein believes the most important part of investing is risk management. His team’s strategy involves using several hedging and risk management techniques. Each client has their own custom allocation but within that allocation some of the specific items they use are dividend stocks, fixed-income, ETF’s, options and other non-correlating investments.

6. Garrett Stringer (37)

Wells Fargo/none

Raleigh, N.C.

Fee-based business: 88%

Garrett Stringer enjoys maintaining his current relationships more than constantly seeking new ones, so he spends a large portion of each day on the phone with clients to ensure they are meeting their goals. And most of the new clients he does get come from referrals.

5. Robert Reich (1)

Wells Fargo/none

McLean, Va.

Fee-based business: 90%

Robert Reich, financial advisor at Wells Fargo in McLean, Va., has just 60 clients. But that number is perfect, he says, to run a productive and dedicated practice that seeks to deliver in three main areas: maintaining clients’ present lifestyles in the future, preserving their net worth and assuring their legacy. His clients have earned their wealth, so he views his role as one of maintaining and transitioning that wealth that they have created. And the key to that, he says, is to steer clear from risk no matter what form it takes.

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4. Charles Wilmoth (19)

Wells Fargo/none

San Francisco

Fee-based business: 91%

In working with high-net-worth clients, Charles Wilmoth coordinates with other specialists at Wells Fargo to implement a full balance sheet approach. Plans are tailored for a client's goals, liquidity needs, tax circumstances and risk tolerance. New clients are added through referrals from clients or other professional advisors, such as CPAs, attorneys or bankers.

3. Joel Worsfold (7)

Wells Fargo/none

Clive, Iowa

Fee-based business: 95%

Joel Worsfold cites clear communication and the wide array of resources available from Wells Fargo as two keys to his success. He says it’s key to listen carefully to better understand clients’ feelings about risk and then use sophisticated planning and analysis tools to identify potential strategies.

2. Craven Green (8)

Extraco Bank/Raymond James

Waco, Texas

Fee-based business: 97%

Each relationship, regardless of size, receives a quarterly call from Craven Green. He creates monthly spreadsheets showing how much profit they’ve made, how much he’s made and the annualized rate of return from the start of the relationship. He seeks low-risk buys that have bested peers for 20 years, and doesn’t sell until they underperform.

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1. James Hare (11)

Pinnacle Bank/Raymond James

Nashville, Tenn

Fee-based business: 98%

James Hare manages a small number of clients, but they have assets of more than a million dollars on average. Many are health care executives with equity in their companies. So he tells them up front that their biggest returns will come from their businesses, not from the stock market.