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  • April 30 2013, 1:40pm EDT
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Top 20 Program Managers (1-10)

For our ranking, we used a weighted average with five different variables (growth in team assets, growth in team production, average production per advisor, number of FAs manager oversees, and number of LBEs manager oversees). The May print issue will have all the data points for each program manager.

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<b>10. Tim Ratty</b>

Bank: Wells Fargo

TPM: none

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Some staffers say Tim Ratty is the best manager they’ve ever had. Unflappable in a crisis and still responsive to his advisors’ needs, he encourages professional development. One of his career challenges was in joining the bank channel from a wirehouse, but his team says he’s a “quick study” and can speak to any audience, large or small.

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<b>9. Michael Petramalo</b>

Bank: Wells Fargo

TPM: none

Location: Miami

Michael Petramalo takes the time to meet every FA he oversees to discuss ways to improve their productivity, all the while encouraging them to use their strengths to excel. He works to improve the well-being of every employee he works with, and always asks how he can help. Despite his professional success, he emphasizes that family comes first.

<b>8. Andrew Kaplan</b>

Bank: New York Community Bank

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Westbury, N.Y.

Over his 19-year tenure as a program manager, Andrew Kaplan has played a critical role in each of his bank’s 11 acquisitions, eight of which had existing programs where broker-dealer conversions followed. Kaplan’s top priority through all of this has been maintaining a strong alignment between the bank and its investment program.

<b>7. Alec Ardito</b>

Bank: Wells Fargo

TPM: None

Location: West Palm Beach, Fla.

Alec Ardito is a positive role model who takes the time to get to know the staffers’ styles. He helps them develop their skills to fulfill their goals. His enthusiasm and his style of giving constructive feedback prompt some advisors at Wells Fargo to seek him out as a manager. And even with high expectations of him, they report being pleasantly surprised at his effectiveness as a leader.

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<b>6. John Olerio</b>

Bank: Webster Bank

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Waterbury, Conn.

John Olerio’s team at Webster Bank posted record numbers in 2012 for sales, production, assets under management and new advisory accounts. His leadership in developing the discipline for each advisor to complete a personalized business plan has had a significant contribution to these strong results.

<b>5. Paul Restante</b>

Bank: Community Bank, N.A.

TPM: Invest Financial

Location: DeWitt, N.Y.

What drives the success of a bank program? Advisors who view it as an opportunity to grow their own business, says Paul Restante, program manager of Community Bank in upstate N.Y. “Reps need to have ownership of their programs,” he says. That’s the mind-set that he looks for when recruiting, which can be difficult in remote DeWitt, N.Y. With work, he says he now has that all-important support from management. “We had to prove to them that we’re a significant part of the overall bank offering, and we’ve gotten to that point now,” Restante says.

<b>4. Glenn Brodwater</b>

Bank: Investors Bank

TPM: Essex National Securities

Location: Short Hills, N.J.

It was only in June 2011 that Investors Bank launched its investment program. But it’s been tremendously successful so far, largely because of the support and backing of senior management, says Glenn Brodwater, vice president and director of retail investment services. He emphasizes teamwork to the point that he lets it guide his hiring decisions. If an advisor prefers to work independently, he or she isn’t a good fit for the bank, he says.

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<b>3. Drue Anderson</b>

Bank: Citibank

TPM: none

Location: New York

As a program manager at Citi Personal Wealth Management, Drue Anderson sees himself as an “advocate for greatness.” His advisors are so driven, he says, there’s little he needs to do to motivate them. That’s because he recruits advisors who want to be “exponentially more successful” and are not satisfied with the status quo. Nevertheless, Anderson makes sure he shares winning strategies and advisor success stories with his team so they “can reach levels of success that they may never have seen as attainable.”

<b>2. Leo Iacobelli</b>

Bank: ESL Federal Credit Union

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Rochester, N.Y.

One of the biggest changes that Leo Iacobelli, president of ESL Federal Credit Union’s investment program, has witnessed over the years is the greater emphasis today that clients place on trust. When he started at ESL in 1997, clients were concerned with getting the best returns, he says. Today, they want to work with someone they trust and who they feel is aligned with their best interests. Working for a credit union helps with the trust issue, but it also carries a responsibility to maintain what has been sustained over 90 years, he says.

<b>1. Britt Woods</b>

Bank: Fifth Third Bank

TPM: none

Location: Nashville, Tenn.

In three years, Britt Woods accomplished as much as many program managers achieve in an entire career. He built two new programs in Tennessee and Georgia from scratch, making each a top producer, and then turned around a failing program in Kentucky within a short period of time. He attributes his success to his management style and people skills. He knows his advisors personally, learning as much as he can about their backgrounds, so he can assign them to the right territories. “If you have someone who... comes from a blue-collar background, you need to make sure they’re in a blue-collar market,” he says.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the rest of the top 20 program managers , as well as those who just missed the cutoff.

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Top 20 Program Managers (1-10)

In case you missed it, be sure to check out the rest of the top 20 program managers , as well as those who just missed the cutoff.