Slideshow Top 20 Program Managers (11-20)

  • April 29 2013, 10:59am EDT

Top 20 Program Managers (11-20)

In our May issue, Bank Investment Consultant will unveil its Top 20 Program Managers. Here is the second half of the listing (#11 through #20).

<b>20. Doug Wicks</b>

Bank: Kinecta Federal Credit Union

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Doug Wicks runs the Kinecta program with an entrepreneurial spirit and allows his advisors to run their practices as their own business. He’s there to help, though, as he has an open-door policy to address any issues they face. He was BIC’s top program manager in last year’s ranking, just one year in a consistent growth pattern in the competitive southern California market.

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<b>19. Mike Zito</b>

Bank: Trustmark National Bank

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Jackson, Miss.

The biggest challenge this year for Mike Zito has been keeping his advisors focused and motivated during a very rapidly changing environment, He provides honest feedback, which he feels is one reason he sees very little attrition. He is focused on growth and is constantly evaluating Trustmark’s footprint and looking for gaps and openings to add advisors.

<b>18. Jack Nelson</b>

Bank: Johnson Bank

TPM: Invest Financial

Location: Racine, Wis.

Jack Nelson focuses on building a fully integrated team to help clients achieve their financial goals. He encourages his team to gain a full understanding of each client’s needs by utilizing a holistic, consultative approach. He puts his 30-plus years of experience to work to gain clients’ trust and ensure that they realize his team has their best interests at heart.

<b>17. Robert Leach</b>

Bank: Heritage Bank of the South

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Albany, Ga.

Robert Leach spent the first eight years or so at Heritage Bank as the sole producer before he started to slowly hire advisors in key markets served by his bank. He still gets in the office every day at 6 a.m. to make calls from lists the bank provides or make calls to companies he works with on their 401(k) plans.

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<b>16. Kevin Walrath</b>

Bank: Northwest Federal Credit Union

TPM: LPL Financial

Location: Herndon, Va.

Kevin Walrath has helped Northwest Federal CU build a diversified wealth management program. And while it’s come a long way, this is just the first stage of its evolution. The bank has committed to the advisory model and embraces a fiduciary responsibility toward clients. The bank owes its success to the trust that clients have in advisors.

<b>15. Aaron Persons</b>

Bank: University Federal Credit Union

TPM: CUSO Financial Services

Location: Austin, Texas

When Aaron Persons became program manager at University Federal CU in 2010, production was low, turnover high and branch employees had lost faith in the program. To better integrate the program into core offerings, he promoted a “give to get” mind-set where advisors should be the ones giving referrals. He also empowered reps to make decisions.

<b>14. Jules Mbogi</b>

Bank: United Nations Federal Credit Union

TPM: Raymond James

Location: New York, N.Y.

Jules Mbogi brings more than 14 years of experience in international wealth management to the UN, where he heads a team of multilingual advisors. His areas of expertise include international portfolio management, investment, retirement, and estate and insurance planning. Previously, he was an advisor at Citigroup’s international division.

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<b>13. Ken Wren Jr.</b>

Bank: TowneBank

TPM: Raymond James

Location: Suffolk, Va.

In 2004, TowneBank hired the father-and-son team of Ken Wren Sr. and Jr. to operate the investment program. Since then, the younger Wren has not only maintained and grown his own practice, but also has successfully developed his branch, composed of a blend of traditional and fee-based advisors.

<b>12 Mike Haggerty</b>

Bank: CommunityAmerica Credit Union

TPM: CUSO Financial Services

Location: Lenexa, Kan.

When Mike Haggerty became program manager in 2006, he began educating executives on the potential ROI of the program, and now investments are tracked as one of the six core offerings at the CU. Other efforts are as varied as creating a center for families with special-needs members, and shifting toward a younger client demographic for long-term sustainability.

<b>11. Joe Devine</b>

Bank: Fairwinds Credit Union

TPM: CUSO Financial Services

Location: Orlando, Fla.

In a region that has seen foreclosures and layoffs, Joe Devine’s team has spent a great deal of time on investor education, while also integrating the investment program into the core offering of the credit union. Among other things, they have revamped their website and increased referrals by instituting a compensation incentive program.