Slideshow Top 20 Program Managers (Honorable Mentions)

  • April 26 2013, 10:57am EDT
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Top 20 Program Managers (Honorable Mentions)

In our upcoming May issue, we will unveil the much-anticipated Top 20 Program Managers. But until then, here are the next 10 who just missed the cutoff.
These managers would have been between #21 and #30, but we present them here unranked, listed alphabetically, along with their bank and TPM.

<b>Nancy Almond</b>

Columbia State Bank

Cetera Financial Institutions

In two and a half years as the driver behind the strategy and branding of Columbia State Bank’s program, Nancy Almond has made a major impact. Each advisor has been charged with being proficient at offering a wide range of products, services and strategies. At the same time, she encourages every advisor to be a subject matter expert on something in which they have an interest. Examples include business succession planning, social security strategies, and tax strategies. “When we all contribute, the team becomes stronger,” she says.

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<b>John Ballard</b>

Cadence Bank

LPL Financial

John Ballard has helped align the program at Cadence Bank with the commercial lending group, including the Private Client Group and the Trust & Wealth Management team. In its key urban markets—in Texas Alabama, and Florida—it has hired wirehouse advisors and paired them up with its commercial lending and Private Client offices. The bank anticipates doubling its program revenue within the next two years without sacrificing margins.

<b>Tim Bush</b>

Bell State Bank and Trust

Cetera Financial Institutions

Tim Bush has led an impressive growth surge within his program, which experienced a 47% increase in production and a 33% increase in AUM over the last two years. During 2012, the program recorded five record months for production (in a history going back 17 years). And the trend continues, as the program posted three more record months in the first three months of 2013 setting a pace to double its 2012 numbers.

<b>Gary Collier</b>

Pinnacle Bank

Raymond James

Since Gary Collier’s arrival four years ago, Pinnacle Asset Management has increased assets under management to more than $1.2 billion (up over 18% in 2012 alone). He places an emphasis on clean U-4’s and fee- based business. Gary empowers his advisors to act like business owners while also fostering a team atmosphere with bank personnel. He reminds his advisors to build their brands and encourages them to market themselves in areas they enjoy (rotary, church, etc.). He also helps them increase referrals, emphasizing the significance of being introduced to centers of influence as a friend or colleague.

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<b>Jess Dohner</b>

Anchor Bank

LPL Financial

Anchor Bank’s program has embodied the idea of “less is more.” At one time, it boasted 22 advisors but then had to make cuts until there were just 13 remaining. Over the following three years, though, its production climbed back to levels it enjoyed with almost twice as many Fas. And Jess Dohner has been the one to manage those transitions as the advisors became more efficient and grew their practices.

<b>Jan Krug</b>

Tri Counties Bank

Raymond James

Jan Krug is responsible for coaching, training and supervision of all financial advisors at Tri-Counties. She also handles all compliance issues for the team, as well as budgeting, P&L management, and relationship building with the retail and commercial units of the bank. Since she has come on board with Tri Counties in 2010, AUM has increased $150 million and production has increased by $2.3 million.

<b>Tommy Lee</b>

PriortyOne Bank

Raymond James

Located in a rural area (Magee, Miss.) where the average income and investable assets are less than major markets, Tommy Lee has transformed himself and those around the investment program into educators. Whether on the platform side or investment side, each person is charged with educating other bank members about the value of investing. This is done by a grass roots campaign, with monthly meetings. The group has slowly created an environment where referrals are a priority and fellow employees understand the significance of cross selling and taking care of their clients. This has helped increase production 36% in 2012 and assets under management 31%.

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<b>Rachel Risberg</b>

Royal Credit Union

Invest Financial

Rachel Risberg oversees many areas of the credit union and is dedicated to improving the member experience. She listens to advisors and empowers them to reach their goals and help their clients.

<b>Matt Varney</b>

Bank of Colorado

Raymond James

Matt Varney started the non-deposit retail program for Bank of Colorado in March of 2000. The bank joined Raymond James with no assets and a bank client base with no access to broker/dealer services or products. Now the investment program is a profit center for the bank and is an important service to strengthen the loyalty of bank clients. Assets were $137.4 million in 2008 and have grown by 130% in four years.

<b>Melanie Weischwill</b>

First Victoria National Bank

Cetera Financial Institutions

Melanie Weischwill is a producing manager running the investment division of her bank with seven other advisors. Her program has grown more than 25% over the last two years. Weischwill leads by example, never asking her advisors to do something she hasn’t done herself. She ranked as the top producing advisor at Cetera Financial Institutions with over $1.2 million in personal production. In addition, she took over the bank’s property and casualty agency in 2012. Under her direction, this line of business had a positive result for the first time in years.