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Top bank advisers by production
Our popular BIC Top 50 ranks the top bank advisers on six variables combined into a weighted average. Those variables include: (1) 2015 AUM; (2) trailing-12 production; (3) percentage change in AUM from previous year; (4) percentage change in trailing-12; (5) amount of fee-based business; and (6) ratio of production-per-AUM. As usual, we also listed The Next 50, a list of the advisers who ranked 51 through 100 in our analysis.

Here we take a fresh look at all 100 advisers (The Top 50 and The Next 50) and list the top 25 based solely on last year's production. We rounded numbers when possible, as we did in the Top 50 ranking, but in cases of ties we listed the full production figures. The numbers after their names show where they ranked in the original rankings.