Slideshow Top Bank Advisors: Where They're Based

  • April 27 2015, 4:00pm EDT

The bank channel has a broad footprint. With 1,500 to 1,700 banks scattered across the country offering investment programs that factoid is no surprise. But with the data from our BIC Top 50 and Next 50, we were able to bring some geographic clarity to just where the top advisors work.

Here are the top 10 states, ranked by the number of our top advisors. The numbers beside their names show where they ranked on our original lists.

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10. Tennessee

13. Daniel Tyler, First Bank/Invest Financial/Dayton
43. Barry Kemp, Fifth-Third Bank/none/Nashville
14. James Hare, Pinnacle Bank/Raymond James/Nashville
56. Brock Kidd, Pinnacle Bank/Raymond James/Nashville

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7 (tie) Texas

9. Rodney Horelka, Prosperity Bank, Cetera, Victoria
26. Frederick Greene, Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands, Raymond James
36. William Murphy, Wells Fargo, The Woodlands
42. Gihan Fernando, Bank of Texas, BOCS Inc., Bellaire
99. Charles Lutz, San Antonia Federal Credit Union, San Antonia, CUSO Financial

7 (tie) Colorado

5. Patrick Varney, Bank of Colorado, Windsor, Raymond James
22. Ward Welles, Wells Fargo, Denver.
23. Kevin Dunnigan, Home State Bank, Loveland
65. David Diaz, Wells Fargo, Denver
68. Paul Hummel, Home State Bank, Investment Centers of America, Loveland

7 (tie) Iowa

2. Joel Worsfold, Wells Fargo, Clive
15. Debra Alberto, Wells Fargo, Clive
61. Matt Fryar, Wells Fargo, Des Moines
66. Randall McCright, Wells Fargo, Cedar Rapids
93. John Evans, Wells Fargo, Iowa City

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6. Virginia

1. Russell Cesari, Northwest Federal Credit Union, LPL, Herndon
7. Rob Reich, Wells Fargo, McLean
10. James Christy, Northwest Federal Credit Union, LPL, Herndon
11. Steven Kennedy, TowneBank, Raymond James, Newport News
19. William Eastburn, Langley Federal Credit Union, Cetera, Yorktown
64. Bryan Halstead, Wells Fargo, Richmond

5. North Carolina

4. Garrett Stringer, Wells Fargo, Raleigh
8. William Oliver, Wells Fargo, Charlotte
28. Jason Mayer, Wells Fargo, Charlotte
33. Angie Ostendarp, Wells Fargo, Charlotte
46. Audra Lubawski, First Bank, Infinex Financial, Southern Pines
52. Kathleen Malone, Wells Fargo, Charlotte
95. Tracy Duncan, Allegacy Federal Credit Union, CUSO Financial Services, Winston-Salem

3 (tie) Pennsylvania

24. John Kane, Citadel Federal Credit Union, CUSO Financial Services, West Chester
29. James Bish, First Niagara Bank, LPL, Butler
31. Gregory Malin, Fulton Bank, Raymond James, Camp Hill
39. Paul Stetter Jr., Fulton Bank, Raymond James, Ephrata
40. Louis Papa, Penn Liberty Bank, SII Investments, Wayne
41. Jude McDonough, Community Bank, Invest Financial, Scranton
47. Kevin McDermott, Citadel Credit Union, CUSO Financial Services, West Chester
49. Doug Leonzi, National Penn Bank, Cetera, Allentown
53. Annette Martin, Fulton Bank, Raymond James, Lancaster

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3 (tie) Florida

6. Michael Grimes, SunTrust, The Villages.
20. W. Russell Dyer, SunTrust Bank, Winter Haven
45. Ronald Baliton, Seacoast National Bank, Invest Financial, Stuart
57. Gregory Scott, Summit Bank, Panama City, Raymond James
78. Gus Caballero, Space Coast Credit Union, LPL, Miami
79. Lester Ernest, SunTrust, Orlando
88. Robert Cortes, Space Coast Credit Union, LPL, Titusville
90. Phillip Margy, SunTrust, Melbourne (not pictured)
91. Craig Coopersmith, SunTrust, Orlando

2. New York

18. Andrew Vahab, Citibank, New York
27. Michelle Ashworth, Corning Credit Union, Raymond James, Corning
50. Carolyn DuQuen-Higgins, Apple Bank for Savings, Essex National Securities, Smithtown
71. Seth Marcus, Citibank, New York
76. Peter Nielsen, Citibank, New York (not pictured)
77. Christopher Barron, Citibank, New York (not pictured)
82. Eden DeMar, Citibank, New York
83. Mario Fratto, Citibank, New York
98. Mark Gavrilov, Astoria Federal Savings, LPL, Brooklyn
100. David O'Neil, Community Bank, Invest Financial, Boonville

1. California

3. Emile Abinader, Citibank, Granada Hills
12. Justin Mace, Wells Fargo, Corte Madera
17. Peter Shieh, Citibank, Rowland Heights
21. Michael Abrams, Wells Fargo, Palo Alto
34. Jeff Goble, Citibank, Huntington Beach
35. Adam Nieto, Fremont Bank, Sorrento Pacific, Fremont
51. Joseph Nelson, Wells Fargo, Menlo Park
54. Sasha Azarmi, Wells Fargo, Beverly Hills
62. Michael Lipkins, Addison, Avenue Investments, Raymond James, Palo Alto
67. Jennifer Garcia, Wells Fargo, Encino
69. Brian Carey, Wells Fargo, San Jose
70. Paul Boscia, Wells Fargo, Palo Alto (not pictured)
73. Kevin Morrow, Wells Fargo, Santa Rosa
74. Randall Krenzin, Wells Fargo, San Jose
75. Endry Surjanto, Addison Avenue Investment Service, Raymond James, Cupertino
86. Bernard Reina, Citibank, Los Angeles