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Top Program Managers by AUM Increase
Our popular Top 20 Program Managers ranks managers based on 5 variables combined into a weighted average. Those variables are: percentage growth in team AUM; 2) percentage increase in team production; 3) number of advisors under the managers direct supervision; 4) number of licensed bank employees under the manager’s direct supervision; and 5) average production per advisor. This year, we also debuted The Next 20, a list of program managers who ranked 21 through 40 our final analysis.

Subsequently, we have taken fresh looks at all 40 program managers (The Top 20 and The Next 20) and listed the top 10 on specific variables. Here, we list those who have increased team assets the most over the past year. Last week, we listed those with the most advisors on their teams. The numbers after their names show where they ranked on our original lists.