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Top program managers: True long-term stars
For any professional, consistency can be more important than an up-and-down performance, even if the ups sometimes hit the realm of greatness. But what about the pros who are consistently great? Those are the true superstars. And that's what we have here: the superstar program managers in the bank channel.

Bank Investment Consultant has sifted through the past six years of our Top Program Managers to see who appeared most consistently in our ranking. We looked at just our top 20 lists, not the next 20 additions. Since we haven't published the next 20 in each of the past six years, we felt it would lead to an uneven comparison if we used it to help compile this ranking that looks at the trends over the years to draw conclusions. These managers had to appear in multiple years, and at least one of the last two, to be considered. After that, we gave more weight for higher rankings as well as for more recent appearances. The banks and TPM affiliations listed are from the most recent rankings for each program manager.

See our most recent Top 20 program managers (1-20) and the Next 20 program managers (21-40).

In cases of a tie, we used the most recent rankings to decide their place on this list. Scroll through to see the most familiar faces from our best of the best.