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Top Retirement Destinations Overseas
By: Paula Vasan

Clients often dream of retiring overseas for a change of scenery and lifestyle. Here’s what a handful of advisors have to say about some of the most popular overseas retirement destinations among their clients.

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“One of my client’s daughters went to Nicaragua while she was in the Peace Corps, so when they were ready to retire, they decided to move there.”

-Anne Bedinger, vice president of investments, Raymond James -- Boca Raton, Fla.

Caribbean and the "homeland"

"Besides the frequent Caribbean cruises, I would say that most of my retired clients like to visit their respective homelands - the origin of their heritage; the Irish decedents visit Ireland, the Germans visit Germany, Italians to Italy and so forth. It also seems that Israel is a frequent destination. It is appropriately named the "Holy Land" because it has an appeal to so many different religious sects - Christians, Jews and Muslims."

-Sean O'Neill, financial advisor, RBC Wealth Management -- Annapolis, Md.


"Italy takes the cake - or cannoli rather - by far! It's hard to pinpoint exactly why but from what we gather, it's a mix of Italy's history, warm people, simple lifestyle, and proximity to most amenities."

-Nora Yousif, financial advisor, RBC Wealth Management -- Easton, Mass.


“In the Florida Keys many of us are known for leading lifestyles that are somewhat off the beaten path – a carefree, toes in the sand kind of existence. Quite a few of our clients have expatriated to Mexico and often times they cite affordable living expenses and healthcare as the reason. But more than that I believe it’s so they can continue their adventures in retirement.”

-Tom Nitti, branch manager, Raymond James -- Key West, Fla.

Costa Rica

“Many of my clients are immigrants and choose to return to the country they emigrated from during retirement. Many other clients have chosen Costa Rica, Baja, and Mexico and because the cost of living is relatively low but they still enjoy a very nice lifestyle. These clients typically want the services and beach front location that they could get in California or Hawaii, but in a more affordable location.”

-Harish Vishria, advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services -- Memphis, Tenn.