Slideshow Top Target-Date Funds for 60-Year-Old Investors

  • August 28 2013, 3:54pm EDT
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Top Target-Date Funds for 60-Year Old Investors

As part of BIC's upcoming September issue on retirement, we offer three charts of target-date funds for investors in different age groups. Here we list those in the time frame category of 2016 to 2020, which is generally where a client who is 60 years old today would be invested.
We offered a portion of the chart for 40-year old investors earlier this week. Be on the lookout for the September issue for all three chart in full.

10. Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 Inv

12-month return: 13.07%

Ticker: VTWNX

Assets: $21.2 billion

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9. MainStay Retirement 2020 A

12-month return: 13.26%

Ticker: MYROX

Assets: $106.1 million

8. PrincipalLifeTime 2020 Inst.

12-month return: 13.27%

Ticker: PLWIX

Assets: $6.2 billion

7. John Hancock2 Retire Living through 2020 A

12-month return: 13.48%

Ticker: JLDAX

Assets: $1.1 billion

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6. TIAA-CREF Lifestyle 2020 Retire

12-month return: 13.54%

Ticker: TCLTX

Assets: $1.9 billion

5. Schwab Target 2020

12-month return: 13.58%

Ticker: SWCRX

Assets: $372.5 million

4. Vantagepoint Milestone 2020 Inv M

12-month return: 13.78%

Ticker: VPROX

Assets: $585.8 million

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3. American Funds Target Date Ret. 2020 A

12-month return: 14.31%

Ticker: AACTX

Assets: $2.7 billion

2. MassMutual RetireSmart 2020 A

12-month return: 14.48%

Ticker: MRTAX

Assets: $438.2 million

1. T. Rowe Price Retirement 2020

12-month return: 14.81%

Ticker: TRRBX

Assets: $18.6 billion