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TPMs with the most top program managers
Bank Investment Consultant took a new cut of the top program managers data and listed the bosses by third-party marketers or, when applicable, by bank. As most readers may guess, Raymond James and LPL had the most top program managers. In fact, those two combined account for half the list. But which one came out on top? And how did the other TPMs stack up?

● See our Top 20 program managers (1-20) and Next 20 program managers (21-40)
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We ranked them by the number of the top 20 program managers. But we didn't stop there. As our ranking also included the Next 20, for a total of 40 managers, you'll also see how many from the larger list of 40 work for each TPM. In cases where their top 20 numbers were a tie, we ranked them by the top 40 numbers. The numbers before their names show where the program managers ranked on our original lists.