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We took a fresh look at our most recent Top 100 Bank Advisors and re-ranked them based solely on their annual production figures. Here are the top 25.

For the original Top 100 list, this was one of just six metrics we used to determine the ranking. The other five were: assets under management; percentage change in AUM from previous year; percentage change in production; amount of fee-based business; and ratio of production-per-AUM. (We used AUM as of the end of August 2017, and production of the 12-month period ending August 31, 2017.)

You can see the original ranking here:
Top 100 bank advisors (1 – 25)
Top 100 bank advisors (26-50)
Top 100 bank advisors (51-75)
Top 100 bank advisors (76 – 100)

Scroll through to see those bank advisors with the highest annual production. There were a number of close calls, so we took the figures to three decimal points for this list. In the few cases where there were still ties, we simply listed them as a tie. The numbers after their names indicate where they ranked on the original Top 100.