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Which funds have the highest UK exposure?
The Brexit vote threw global markets into a tailspin, adding immediate uncertainty and volatility into the mix. Shares around the world plunged in value by about $2 trillion, according to some reports (the equivalent of the GDP of India.)

In the spirit of buying low, however, market carnage will always present some opportunities. "Extreme price moves bring the chance to rebalance and reset portfolio allocations," said David Lafferty, chief market strategist at Natixis Global Asset Management, in an email. Stock valuations, which have been elevated recently, will look more reasonable. ... While rebalancing can’t prevent losses, it helps to mitigate a potentially larger problem – the risk that the portfolio wanders too far from its long-term risk/return objectives."

Others agree. "Extreme levels of fear suggest to us that investors with longer-term time horizons are looking at a very attractive period in which to invest in equities," said Richard Bernstein, an independent adviser, in a note to clients. His shop continues to overweight equities, which has hurt recent performance, but he believes that an earnings-driven, P/E compression bull market will be the big market story this year and next.

Click through to see the funds that have the highest percentage exposures to the UK. Only funds with at least $100 million in assets are included. All data are from Morningstar.